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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Helping Spirit Lodge Society is unique in that it addresses the issues of Aboriginal family violence from a holistic perspective.

The cycle of violence need not be passed on to the next generation; it can be stopped here. To interrupt this cycle requires both the intervention and reconstruction phases. Helping Spirit Lodge Society is active in developing strategies which will confront the issues and determine which direction is to be taken.

Our work is shaped by our belief that it is the Aboriginal people who must set the agenda in providing solutions to problems that adversely affect their traditionally proud cultural inheritance.

Helping Spirit Lodge Society can be an instrument of direction and change for the larger community by replacing violent and coercive behaviours with ones of mutual respect and understanding.

We must first acknowledge the prevalence of the problem within the Aboriginal community and then to develop a strategy to heal the individual and subsequently the family.

The primary task is to provide sanctuary in an alcohol and drug free environment. Through activities which are culturally relevant to the victim, the healing process can then begin. The program will provide a framework within which practical life skills training occurs - skills related to health management, home management, relationships, vocational training, goal setting and parenting skills.

Underlying this education will be the strength of our spiritual traditions and teachings.

Our Code Of Ethics

I put people first recognizing their dignity. I will recognize and respect any differences that may occur.
I tell the truth. I am committed to being honest and truthful with all people including myself.
I am committed to matching my words with my actions and this will contribute to a healthier, unified, positive environment.
I am committed to developing the trust that is fundamental to a safer way of living.
I am committed to treating others we serve in a courteous, respectful, and obliging manner.
I am dedicated to be caring, tender, compassionate and respectful to others and myself. I aspire to live in truth and harmony.
I make decisions objectively. My decisions ensure that everyone involved in Helping Spirit Lodge Society is treated in an equitable fashion.
I recognize that I am more productive when I lead a balanced life. I make a commitment to maintaining a balance between work, family and community responsibilities.
I pursue opportunities to learn continually throughout my lifetime. I do not blame others or myself for making honest mistakes.
Team Spirit
I am a contributing member to Helping Spirit Lodge Society's team. I look for ways to help and support others in a caring, compassionate manner that relates to the objectives of Helping Spirit Lodge Society.
I explain my decisions and actions in a clear, forthright manner. I ensure that my actions are in the best interests of Helping Spirit Lodge Society.
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